moving hands metal design

We make indoor and outdoor decorative screens, security and baboon-proof gates, lamps
and wall lights using steel.

Themes can be adapted from our existing portfolio or can be new designs inspired by nature motifs, your photos, pets,
children’s drawings and art work, your favourite artist or artefacts. Virtually anything can be turned into steel!
The final product is the result of a close creative collaboration between the client and Caroline to produce a functional,
personalised and uplifting art work that will provide security and enduring aesthetic pleasure!



“…Caroline has the uncanny ability to successfully translate the robustness of steel into soft, flowing, sensuous and often flamboyant pieces of art that reflect the essence of the dwelling, its inhabitants, interior and environment. Her gates keep on offering artistic delight…”
Wynand Louw

“I was one of the first lucky people to have a Caroline McDowell Original Gate in my home - in fact I have 3!
Each one is a unique and individual design reflecting my love for my favourite things - gardens, birds and dogs.
I have received numerous compliments for these additions to my art collection, and the fact that these pieces of art are FUNCTIONAL in an environment where baboon-proof fencing and gates are essential, makes it even more special.
My gates are not perceived as "cages" holding intruders out, but as artworks that let nature into my house.”
Ali Croucamp
High Level Road
Pringle Bay

“I love my gate, it is a good security barrier and does its job perfectly against intruders (both human and other primates like baboons in Pringle), but I see it mostly an artwork because it is so beautiful. The process of designing it was interesting and fun, and Caroline really researched what I liked and combined it with the material and security needs in an optimal way. She asked me, for example, about what was important to me, and included a moon over water because I love the moon in all its incarnations, and feel a huge affinity for it. The design, which started out just as reeds and sunbirds became a complex picture with day and night, water and stars, frogs and reflections. It is just so much more than I originally envisaged, and I will take it with me wherever I go.”
Marianne Makay

“Caroline’s beautiful metal creations are featured in my little courtyard. I love looking at the composition from various angles and in different lights. Caroline worked with elements and detail from the house interior and deftly wove the heart of those through the metal panels. It was a wonderful process working with Caroline. She is passionate and inspiring and that energy lives on in the final artwork.”
Charlotte Ewins

“What Caroline creates is something more than ordinary art - it creates an experience! When I look at her sign of the ladies at Fynbos Enterprises I am struck not only by how it adds beauty to the village, it also brings a feeling of fun and laughter. I love it!”
Elizabeth Bardin

“My security gate isn't just a functional gate, it's a customised piece of art. The vision was inspired by my love of nature, life, my celtic heritage and one of my favourite artists, Gustav Klimt. Caroline seamlessly pulled all these elements into one very personal design. Being part of the design process, every step of the way, gives such a sense of it being so personally unique. My gate feels like it belongs, it's a very special part of my home. I'd describe it utterly enchanting. The creative design casts magical shadows around the house in different lights, depending on the time of day. It's simply stunningly beautiful to look at and I love how it changes in different lights, I couldn't be more delighted with the end result.”
Alison McDowell

“We are so thrilled with our beautiful gates and the way Nadene and Mark solved all the problems around hanging these beauties on our crumbly wayward walls. We are grateful for such dedication and care and cheerfulness through difficulty. They did an excellent job!.”
Leonard and Trish

“I absolutely love my gates from Caroline, so much so I have three of them. Each one is so different and represents different times in our lives and our shops history and each one made especially for us.”
Louise and John Ellis, John the Potters Gallery, Betty's Bay

“I had one of Caroline’s gates in my shop and it received so much positive attention that I decided to put a Caroline design on the roof of my restaurant/shop instead of the usual commercial signage. I asked Caroline to create something to reflect the warm open and welcoming vibe of Fynbos Enterprises …and she captured it brilliantly … no one can walk past my shop/restaurant and the joyous abundant dancing ladies on my roof without out cracking a smile and being drawn in !! ..they are doing their job !! and they give me so so much pleasure.”
Sunra Mostert, Fynbos Enterprises